Tuesday, 26 July 2011

Dear Dr. Valerio..

Hello world!

This project was a hard project. Nonetheless, we wish to thank someone in advance to a teacher in SIS (the school Jeffrey and I go to).  Alex Jeon will post his separtely since he has moved to USA.

Letter to Dr. Valerio:
"Dear Dr. Valerio,

Your encouragement of coding and exciting social studies led me and Jeffrey Park to making a big project—at least in our thoughts—called Stay Wired In.

When I teamed up with Jeffrey, it was actually called Debate With You. It was a social network where you debate about a topic. However, we thought—who would want to come in like Facebook or Twitter just to debate? Or rather, who would want to debate at all if they aren't in a debating class or have an interest in it?

Thus, Jeffrey came up with an idea of Stay Wired In, where it gathers all the current news from CNN, TechnoBuffalo, Yahoo News, etc. I said it was great. I think now Jeffrey and I are integrating the love of social studies and technology to be a part of the internet network society. Thank you with all our might for teaching us the best social studies class so far.

Stay Wired In CEO, Jeffrey Park and Stay Wired In CEO and CFO, Kyung Phil Ko"

(Letter written by Kyung Phil Ko)

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